Make Many, Many Pots…

JKLTip Set aside 1-3 hrs in the next few days to try creating something. In whatever time window you have, go from idea to “completion”
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Create As Much As You Can

I was in my element today. Because I had the opportunity to work with a student learning video. I also got to teach her about iteration and feedback. I got to say “a pot a day yields greater results than planning the perfect pot. So, we’re going to make one-pot today!”

This philosophy comes from a parable of a pottery teacher. She was instructing one group to work all year in order to create one perfect piece. And that group would be graded on the quality of that one piece.

She had a second group, who she told to create as many as possible. This group was graded on how many pots they made. The punchline comes in that many great pots were made by this second group. The group simply with the goal of making more, made better as well.

We learn skills consciously and subconsciously along the way, each time improving and learning. No one ever got good, or great at anything without going through the process of learning and failing.

Why Just Keep Learning (And Sharing)

For whatever time I have left on this earth (Mars counts) I will share my learning goals, struggles, and successes. We will see this evolve and maybe get better, but maybe not and that’s okay too.

The idea of many pots seems intuitive as a parable, but do we actually practice this on a daily basis? Do we practice what we believe about improvement?

I personally preached this for a long time, but for the first time ever in my life, I feel I am living it too. I am sharing this by creating a Youtube series called JKL Season One – Learning Video. It would be a pleasure to have you follow and share the journey.

Everything I create right now is just “ok”, but the bottom line is it’s all part of the process to figure it out. To put my money where my mouth is, I had to make something, and so I am. This way I can access more iteration and feedback. I made one video, published it and now on to the next.

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