Those Who Stay

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Those Who Stay

Those who stay will be champions is a popular saying in sports. It’s great for building a foundation for teamwork. It’s also great for reminding our team that we need to be patient. It would be wrong to focus on results at the moment. Instead, shift your focus to an atmosphere of learning together.

Weekends in the fall in America are about football and that runs deep in my blood. Even if you’re not a football person, it is an inspiring tag: “Those who stay will be champions”. Repeated by the great coach and mentor Bo Schembechler as the philosophical, motivating force behind Michigan football since 1969 it has never lost its meaning.

This mindset builds on the driving force of the collective; trust, teamwork, and patience, required to reach crazy heights when it comes to learning together. My uncle played Michigan football and Bo was someone he looked up to. For many athletes, Bo was someone who pushed people to be their best and dream big. In terms of business, I know that right now I may be losing in the first quarter in terms of whatever goals might look like. But, inspiration from people like “those who stay” from Bo is a good reminder.

This saying reminds me that ignoring end results, and working each day, little by little, making minor gains, eventually, we will win. I want to thank those who are following, sharing and interacting.

Sometimes negative feedback is the most important kind. So, thanks to the haters too. Remember, the door is right there and should you choose to use it, feel free. But, there is only one chance to be part of a team from the beginning and remember, “those who stay will be Champions”

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