Learning To Capitalize Kindly

JKLTip Someone will capitalize on every opportunity, why not you?
Learning To Capitalize Kindly

The news has already broke. In fact, it probably breaks too much. We all know that this is a difficult time. However, we don’t need to sacrifice our goals and dreams in an attempt to relieve other people’s anxiety. If you have a dream, please make a promise to keep at least an ember of it flickering through these times. Every adversity builds a garden of opportunity if plant some seeds. Therefore, we should be learning to capitalize kindly.

Start by asking, how could your dream be used to support your community right now? Many people are in hysterics over the idea of capitalizing during a pandemic. It is important to be compassionate and generous. This is not a time to be selfish. But there is a huge gap between being selfish and doing things for free. In this gap we find generosity. 

Generous Business

Survival of the fittest is not what we need. It leads to ruthless tactics. However, no matter what we do, some will grow more than others. And, some will be more negatively impacted than others. This is just a factual reality. When it comes to business, some will fly, and others will sink.

Companies based in e-commerce, mobile communication, financial literacy, and learning will probably have an uptick in success. Many so-called gurus will capitalize by taking advantage of the weak. But, as Chris Farley so elegantly put it, they will sell you a piece of shit in a box and stamp it guaranteed. Business during this time does not need to be this way. It can be generous, and it starts by learning to capitalize kindly.

Why Capitalize At All?

Every major event has an effect on things connected to it. While many will go back to the way things were, others will change permanently. Some people will strike while the opportunity is hot, grabbing a once in a lifetime opportunity. This will happen.

If you believe in what you are selling, then you owe it, not just to your current customer, but to your potential customers to build traction now. If not, someone else will. Let’s assume your offer could bring value to people. How do you ensure you reach these people who don’t even know you exist? You know. That person who deserves the value you provide to solve their problem? It’s simple, by learning to capitalize kindly.

Not only could we be learning to capitalize kindly, but we should. A good business plan accesses or creates a market based on universal elements. A community, a problem, a solution and a price relative to the demand.

If you create anything for others, you owe it to them to race to the top, not the bottom. You should strive to have the best product, service and build an empire to help more people. Strive to be the best, and most valuable in your space. If you want to learn to have a major impact and capitalize kindly.

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