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Marketing often takes on a bad reputation. People think marketing and they think slimy sales. It doesn’t need to be this way. Simply ensure you are tipping the scale when it comes to giving versus receiving. Learning permission marketing goes a long way in telling the story of how you can truly help people.

Giving of ourselves is how we build a sustainable, scalable business. The question becomes where is that balance point?

Balance comes from marketing in a way that allows others to give you permission. We all know there are products and services for everything. We don’t need people to twist our arm about buying a car, mutual funds, or the coolest shoes. In fact in today’s day and age that’s a quick way to have people never buy.

By focusing only on constant improvement of what you create you allow it to speak for itself. People will not only give you permission, but they will forward to your marketing. Those who find value will ask for more. They will ask for different. All by giving people an opportunity to participate in the process of what you create.

It’s Just A Story

A brand is simply a promise you are telling those who you create for. It’s the demonstration of your values through product and service. Marketing is simply the ability to tell that story in a creative and contextual way. You don’t need to kick and scream, you simply need to tell the best story.

During this time of a global pandemic, I have seen a number of great opportunities. Entrepreneurs who create content for mental health have released articles about isolation, or meditation. Fitness trainers have taken to the model of live streaming. And the home school life coaches are doing quite well by helping clients regain financial hope. 

Building business is one of the best ways to recover from economic downturns. No matter the circumstances we should continue to grow. Because the sooner businesses can scale back up, the sooner they can bring other members of society with them. But, we need to do so with permission. We need to create real value, not snake oil. Tell a good story, based on solid values and those who it’s right for will let you in.

Compassion & Capitalism

Universal elements of “business” are responsible for growth, or failure. As long as commerce has been a thing people capitalize on these very elements. If a business doesn’t pay attention to them, they will be crushed by the competition and disappear. A company that does focus on them creates an opportunity to succeed and continue to help more people. But, focusing on these elements to a fault can create a negative sentiment.

We see the evil side of this when price gougers get a hold of a product that is a necessity and create unreasonable prices. During this pandemic, thanks to the modern use of social media, we have put a stop to most of this. The interesting thing is, the same principles that lead to price gouging are not a far stretch from business savvy. 

Entrepreneurship can breed a lone wolf. An us against the world mentality. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to. I think there is a false correlation between ruthless business tactics and success. If you look at the price gouging in line with coronavirus fears you can see a perfect example of how business can be done without compassion.

Take a look at the companies that are benefiting from this with permission. Companies such as rental platforms, e-commerce stores, podcasters, fitness trainers, financial coaching, streaming services, and web-calling. There are more, but you get the point. I spoke with a business owner yesterday who said her monthly revenue more than doubled with coronavirus.

Supply and demand is a simple concept, but only a good idea if we are being generous. We should strive to find silver linings and opportunities during difficult times. We should focus on the positive and the great change that can come of challenge. But, we should do so in good faith and compassion while learning permission marketing.

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