Pick Your Priorities: Business Mini Vlog 3

It’s really important that before building your business, you pick your life priorities. If we are not intentional with how we want to spend our time then we will end up doing things that aren’t truly important to us.

Learn from our mistakes. Don’t start a business unless it aligns with two things. One, your values and two, your priorities. You can randomly think of your priorities, but there is a great way to figure out what your business can and can not include when it comes to aligning with your life.

Think of the four top priorities in your life. Separate a piece of paper into four quadrants. For each quadrant make the title one of your priorities. Now in each section write in as much detail as possible what you want your life to look like in terms of that priority.

For each priority simply ask, if you achieve all you can dream in that area, what will it look like in five years from now? Once you pick your life priorities you will have a filter that you can run your business through and if it does not align, then don’t do it.

Describe the priority in great detail. If one priority for you is money, then write how much you will have and how it comes to you. Explain in vivid detail so that your mind begins to operate on that frequency.

When Pat Flynn teaches this exercise, he recommends folding your paper up like an airplane as a reminder that your dreams are ready to take flight. Oh, and one last thing. The four priorities are completely up to you. You get to choose. For me, they are self-care, relationships, work, and creativity.

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