One Percent Better: Business Mini Vlog 2

Becoming one percent better every day is the hack to mental health and success when it comes to big dreams and goals associated with building your big, badass business.

The math of this is even more interesting. Check it out! You become 3800% better in a year, just by committing to being 1% better every day.

This is because small, incremental improvements in performance lead to exponential gains when repeated over time. If you do things with consistency and in the right direction your gains add up drastically over time. This is why it is so important to have solid habits and routines that lead to a consistent one percent better. If you wait around for motivation you will miss the chance to be consistent enough to be successful.

The one percent better concept means that the majority of the rewards in any pursuit will go to the people and organizations that maintain a slight advantage over the other options for a consistent period of time. Therefore you don’t have to be way better or more effective than anyone. You just have to focus on continuous improvement every day. The results will take care of themselves.

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