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I was toying with the idea of doing a “why” or “justification” for this page in general. But, I was having trouble determining if it was important, or if it was just insecurity again. I felt like maybe I need a “good” reason, or validation to start a blog. I realize now it is so much more important to just start.

There are many thought leaders, content creators, writers who have a tremendous why and it’s inspiring. But, I don’t know my why and I think it is most important to just start and figure it out.

So here’s the thing, the why will come soon. I think it is extremely important for anyone in business and life to have a solid grasp of why. I’ll come back to it; in the meantime, there is a little more important topic to me and that is an attempt to explain what this is at this point. 

Just Start

I have always wanted to start things, like many things (also a soon in the future post). But never get started, never actually take action. In the same way, many big companies like Amazon, or Leadership gurus like Tony Robbins, or Great Ballers like Kobe all became famous and their stories, their videos, their existence all exist from the end product. Post Malone, overnight success when people saw White Iverson, but the grinding and growing, not so much.

I had a nice chat with a friend today who asked what Just Keep Learning is about. I couldn’t come up with a clear answer. But I realize at that moment, we always get to see these websites, people, companies once they’re far polished. I’m tell students, friends, and family who ask for advice that all you have to do is start. Yet, I don’t take that advice myself. 

So, almost by design, but because it’s real, here is the original website. Pretty awesome eh!? Right now this page sucks, the website sucks, the posts suck, there aren’t even videos, but that’s ok.

If you want to start something, just do it. If you wanna chat about it, to bounce ideas, or take that first step, fire a message and we’ll connect.

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