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Make Your Investments and Be Patient

When we make investments, the idea is that over time, what we put in will grow. Not much in life ever stays the same. In fact, almost nothing stays the same.

Things are constantly in flux heading toward one end or the other. Nothing is staying still. At least in a tiny way, we are always getting healthier, or less healthy.

Money is either growing or shrinking for the time being. The list goes on, but basically everything is swaying in a direction at any given moment. When things are down, it’s important to realize they will go back up. When things are high, it’s important to remember they will get lower.

With all investments, there are likely periods, where if you focus on one moment, it will seem like “it’s not improving”. With money, this is easy to see. Simply pull up any stock chart and witness the ups and downs that occur in the micro.

What you hope is that, overall, the value will trend up and to the right. Well, this is no different than weight loss, body transformation, learning something, or building a business. Be ready to embrace the ups and downs. Make sure you realize that figuring it out is the work.

Put It Into Practice

You must constantly make little adjustments, endure second-guessing and little failure, but over time grow. Some nights these investments look like losing sleep or missing your family. Other times it might look like changing your Youtube handle. All of which can be difficult in their own way.

We have to identify the ways in which we invest. Take for example starting a digital marketing company, when you buy a camera and a microphone, your money is shrinking. With execution, growth will be far greater than loss.

Similarly teaching someone a skill can best be accomplished by helping them develop a passion for it in the first place, through head fake learning, as investments. You will have to wait until later to see the fruits of that labor. If we are patient, consistent and focus on feedback, we will always and I mean always go up and to the right.

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