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Idea Fairy is Hard to Fight

I decided to start a blog. This is the first post. I was shooting the shit with a good friend about life and trying to play golf more (go figure). I started to realize that if I don’t start chipping away at things I want to accomplish, not only will there not be time for golf, life will pass us by. There won’t be time for anything, because the idea fairy, that little B.I.T.C. creeps in.

So, here goes nothing, the first post to my “page” happens now. I used my birthday this year as a new year’s resolution. There are a few reasons why this year means a lot to me, but mostly why I started a page is because throughout my life I have always had ideas to do something, or start something and I guess never do. (Also twitter only lets you talk so much). I made it a new rule, which might be a lifesaver to live by, “NO FILTER”.

Blessing Or A Curse

Friends say my mind makes their mind hurt. Believe me, like Elon Musk says – the idea fairy can be a blessing, but more often a curse. I always think of many things to do, or so but they fall by the wayside, more on that tomorrow. When we don’t act on our ideas one of two things happens. One, upon reflection, when life slows down you realize, shit I never did that. Or, two, you see someone else did it and you have regrets.

Why is that the case? The excuse I have used for 20 years is I don’t have enough time. This is because we let the idea fairy take over. The translation is, it won’t be good enough, or I care too much about what other people think, or It’s a dumb idea.

So here’s the new plan. No Filter makes it so much easier. When I think of an idea, I do it right away, without procrastination, without overthinking. Mike Morencie taught me “Make Mistakes at Full Speed” and I think I’m finally starting to know what he means.

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