How Come ?

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Getting Ready With Purpose
#jkltip Find the answer to the question “what is your purpose?”

Time to answer the question “how come you’re doing this?” I really wanted to get working away at things first before explaining. But here goes…

I always have great conversations with people who tell me how much they appreciate being able to ask advice, or learn by bouncing ideas off each other. Earlier this year I received enough phone calls and texts in one day that I didn’t have enough time to get to them. One of them said, “you should start a Youtube channel so everyone can hear it”. This was the 3rd time that I heard that in as many days and so the wheels started spinning.

But I lack confidence when attention is turned toward me and I tend to think there are plenty of people out there with great messages, so no one needs to hear mine. 

Fast Forward ?️?️?️

A few days later I was at an event where I get to connect and solve a couple of the world’s problems with a good pal of mine. I very much look forward to shooting the shit with him at minimum once a year, but this time, some others came to let me know he had passed away a few months before. 

.. reality no doubt .. . but made me think about keeping in touch with others. Or more importantly, the downside of not keeping in touch. 

? I’m sure there is some fancy quote that put’s it well, but I think an “ok” original thought is better than an amazing quote ripped off Google. Basically, my Purpose is to support students & friends in entrepreneurship & media literacy so they can achieve their dreams. But this is kind of hard for me to do “authentically” unless I do these things my self. 

So time to connect, time to be an entrepreneur, time to improve my social game… 

I’ll drop some next steps tomorrow, but On MONDAY it’s good to remind myself of my purpose to keep me from giving up before things get going


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