Fight Your Genes

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Don’t Live Your Defaults
#jkltip Think of things you avoid because you think your genetics hold you back. Chances are there is a lot that ‘could change’. So pick one and fight those genes

We often blame genetics for things that are adaptable. 

The “I got it from my momma” thing. At times it’s true and there is nothing we can do about it, which we have to be content with. Those things aren’t what we’re talking about. 

There are many things we underestimate in ourselves, or others that are changeable.

While I can’t do anything about my height, I can improve my vertical jump. Take mental illness and heart disease that run in my family, or the photo of this post, scoliosis (Def = mangled spine). Genetically, left alone these would destroy me. It would be easy to say “it’s not my fault I was born _____ ” So, the main things I focus and fight are mental illness, heart disease and scoliosis (Not my height).

Genetically speaking, we are made up of our parents and a whole lot of ancestry. The debate of nature vs nurture raises questions like “are leaders born, or made?”; “could I be as good at music as Springsteen if I practiced as much?”; or comments like “I don’t have an artistic mind”; “I’m not a music person”; and “I can’t be strong because it’s not in my genes”.

We need to be wary of our genetic defaults. 

Each of us have baselines, starting points handed down, but through mindset, hard work, practice, research and teamwork, we can fight our genes beyond our beliefs.

What we don’t know is the ceiling, how high can we push it? I’m confident though, that it’s much higher than we tend to think. Some have to work harder and be more resilient, but if you care about it, give it a shot, because the fun should be in the challenge, the process of pushing that ceiling as high as it can go.


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