Fail At Full Speed

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Go, Go, Go
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Fail At Full Speed
The human brain builds stories in our minds that slow us down, make us careful and keep us cautious, or hesitant. We suffer from paralysis by analysis, thinking if things are good enough, or how they can be improved and ultimately doing nothing, or at least doing less than we could have. 

This is one of the many lessons I learned on the football field. The script goes like this : 

Play (Don’t Think, Just react and fail at full speed)

There is no time to be the analytical thinker in a sport at full speed and the only way to be successful is simply to use the skinny one on the right (that’s the gas pedal)

**The same can be said if we switch PLAY — for Publish**

Nothing will ever reach “perfect” and We WILL MAKE MISTAKES, so we might as well learn from them now, instead of in a week, or worse off seven years from now. So stop waiting, the only next step is to FAIL at full speed and LEARN ?????


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