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Excuses run rampant in the voices in our heads. I saw a quote today that read, “why do you need an audience if you haven’t found your voice yet? “

I don’t completely disagree. Looking up to this person, I see what he is trying to say. But, I have a few reasons that come to mind. Most importantly, you know that feeling of “that was my idea” you tell a friend when you see a new product or company. What I know is that often times there is truth to it but people didn’t start.

I have had so many ideas, some good, some terrible and some in between. I’m posting the ones that come specifically to mind on the spot right now. What has always held me back before are these excuses. This is why if someone asks “what are you going to do?”. It’s perfectly alright to say I don’t know.

You could argue some are reasons, but I prefer to call them excuses. For every single “reason”, we could think of ways to overcome. Does it mean these ideas would have crushed it? No, maybe not, probably not, but what it does mean is they would have been attempted. Through failure, our greatest learning tool, I would have learned what it’s all about.

So, right now the website sucks, I don’t know how to interview someone and if I launch a podcast there are zero guests and perhaps I’m finding my voice. 

But this journey, vulnerable together, legitimately is the work. Remember, all the studs you see killing it in the entrepreneur game, all of their websites, all of their skills, their videos started here… 

When we actively create content on the way to finding our voices we automatically overcome excuses. Hopefully, we never stop finding our voice.

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