Don’t Let Challenges Take You Out

Don't Let Challenges Take You Out

Life can feel very difficult.
One of the important things to remember is that pain and struggle will happen. 

The key is don’t let challenges take you out. Recognize them and take it as a sign to find meaning in your day.

In a weird way the more challenging life gets, the more we realize that difficult times can be used as fuel. If I wake up I’m excited.

We are wired to seek pleasure over pain. So, if we feel upset we might binge eat, turn to substances, crush a few seasons on Prime (you thought I was gonna say Netflix didn’t ya?)

Given the choice. Pleasure or pain, it’s a pretty binary decision. We will choose pleasure. Unless, of course, the pain is just a stepping stone, something along the journey.

Man’s Search For Meaning

Viktor Frankl taught us that If we go too long without meaning we will find ourselves in big trouble. We will become bored, guilty, depressed, aggressive, addicted, and perhaps even dead.

Luckily he also taught us that we can avoid meaninglessness and derive meaning if we have three things: 

  • A project that contributes to the world. 
  • Collaborating experience with others.
  • Courage in the face of necessary suffering.

If we have meaning in our lives, the pain becomes worth it. We know there is necessary, inevitable suffering and we embrace it. It becomes a part of the overall story, but not something that can take us out.

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