Don’t Wait for Gate Keepers

JKLTip With every goal, find ways to manage your time so that you don’t have to wait for the path, but you can build your own
Actor Behind Gate

There are gatekeepers in every industry, every sector, every “field”. Don’t undervalue, or under-appreciate them, but don’t wait around for them either. Their ideas, their plans, they may work for you, and that will be great, but in the meantime, why wait?

I’ve had conversations with a number of up and coming actors the last few days. They were all ages, different genders and from different places. These actors all had at least two things in common.

One, they are awesome, kind people, a pleasure to chat with.
Two, they all have the same goal of turning acting into a full-time thing.

While I had no intention of acting, it opened my eyes to the possibilities and for that I am appreciative. The “just keep learning” mindset would benefit the actors I met on set. Seeing that as a concept is what I really appreciated about this experience.

There are traditional paths to our goals. The traditional paths are lined with gatekeepers and advice-givers who may, or may not know what is best for you.

Do a, then b, pray, get c, wish, then do e and become successful if you get f.

There are details to “how do I become an actor full time?”. But, the traditional path can always be cut into steps. Steps include, but are not limited to; take acting classes, get signed by an agent, apply for casting calls, get roles, build a resume (not sure if they call it that) and apply for more. All the while you hope to catch your break as they say in the biz.

I didn’t have a massive audience of actors to talk with this week. Six to be exact and I’m sure there are hundreds, or thousands trying to make it in this city alone. I had a few over the last few days though and recognized that learning to learn how to become an actor is something they could benefit from.

Assessing what we do in our downtime can be key. I consider “down time” the time in between the formal steps they are taking to accomplish a goal. For instance, if an actor is booked an average of a 3-day gig once every two weeks, how do they spend the other eleven?

I’m not qualified to give advice on the topic of “making it as an actor”. I don’t have enough empathy for trying to become an actor. In the meantime, I can share my universal approach for actors to use.

Here’s what I would do:
1. Take the traditional steps prescribed by the gatekeepers and do them

All other minutes you have to learn:
1. Practice acting on camera, in the genre and style you aspire to achieve with friends on the same frequency
2. Review the history of acting
3. Read books on acting
4. Watch videos on film, tv, movie, acting that you look up to. ** This is cool because watching Netflix can be a learning tool
5. Publish everything you can about your craft, about your learning
Ask for feedback from anyone who will give you feedback on your acting
6. Just Keep Learning

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