Do You Have Haters ?

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Silence Your Haters After Learning From Them
#jkltip Don’t pass off criticism as “haters”. You win by taking their negativity and asking, what can I learn from the comment, without it ruining my goal? Learn from it, feel bad for them for a second and move forward

Are you on somebody’s hater list ? 

It’s ok if you are, IF you’re cool with what it means. 

Anyone who’s done anything awesome, gets to tell the story. Varies from person to person with common themes. What gave you the idea? What was easy? What was hard? What makes you happiest? What do you dislike the most? And, what did you have to overcome? One of the answers that near everyone points to is ignoring, or silencing the “haters”

One definition of the term hater is : 
“ A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.” And, so here is where things get complicated. There is a huge culture, kind of like macro haters, who say that the definition is more like: 

“A term used to deflect criticism and erect a mental dissonance that allows one to ignore further criticism in continued delusion of one’s own competence, skill or talent.” To recap, some people point to the term as motivation to overcome the critics, while others feel it’s just people being irrational, pretending to do be something they aren’t. There’s some truth in both, BUT Here is what I DO KNOW:

You don’t get to choose if you are on someone’s haters list. I have haters on my “you can’t play university football list, or you can’t be a vice principal yet list, or you can’t adopt a kid list”. You don’t know if your negativity was used as fuel for the fire, but worse yet if you are on someone’s hater’s list then you probably need some help; to deal with insecurities, or internal struggles you have. Anyone throwing shade for someone just trying to get better at something they love, likely has some issues.
So, ask yourself, who’s hater’s lists would you be on, and why?
More importantly how can you get off of them? (For your own sake)


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