Different People, Different Arcs

JKLTip It helps if we truly believe that others are just trying their best
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Justice is a difficult conversation. It’s always sad on both sides. I feel strongly that we are all, as humans, every one of us just trying our best with what we have.

We often react to crime in the news by saying things like “we don’t yet know a motive”. While it can be fun to piece together the whole thing is often a mystery. Some great psychologists, psychiatrists, profilers, maybe philosophers give their explanations. Yet, so much will remain a mystery.

What typically remains a mystery in the public eye is the struggle of the human condition and the good things about so-called bad people. The fact that it’s a tragedy for everyone involved.

I’m feeling philosophical today and the stories, or rather, real-world events in the news have got me thinking. Anyone guilty, or complicit in crimes against other humans needs to be brought to justice. The question becomes, what is justice?

The definition of justice is being debated on all news networks it seems near daily. It is especially in the spotlight right now with recent mass shootings, pop culture pedophile plots and movie like getaway chases.

The death of for the most part innocent people makes us all feel sad. As it should, sadness and grief are important emotions. If nothing else sadness and grief keep us surprised. Those closest to victims likely feel more sadness. But even those close with the accused feel a deep sense of sadness too.

Much like happiness, sadness is an emotion that can unite all humans. What’s crazy is it’s an emotion that can align with people on either side of tragedies. Both “sides”, both “families”, both feel sad.

Simply calling events involving heinous crimes tragedies brings about anger in many people. People get angry because they think things like “screw that person, do you know what she did?” We seek vengeance and revenge. We expect an eye for an eye. But, what I mean when I say “tragedy” is the overall narrative.

The overall human condition is tragic. The most disgusting aspects and the most challenging aspects are all around sad.

We all have different arcs in life, but we all end up in the same place. Some arcs are steep toward failure, some are steep toward success. For most of us, life progresses through an average of ups and downs. While we all have the same finish line, it’s what we do to impact this world in between that matters. Certainly not the number of years.

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