Courage Might Not Be What You Think

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Courage is about following your gut. Courage is about feeling something in your heart and doing it because it’s what you feel. It’s as simple as that.

Doing what you believe, perhaps in spite of reason, but pushing forward. It’s about stopping our inner doubt from preventing us from doing.

Courage leads to three amazing things. One, opportunities you never could have anticipated. Two, a feeling of progress, which is all our mind and body needs. And three, it leaves less space for regret. With courage, you will feel fully alive and know that you gave it your best. No more asking, “what if”?

Courage is not necessarily the ability to list the pros and cons and make a mathematical decision. It is not about reading the employee manual to figure out what the next step is. It’s in large part the opposite. 

What is Courage?

Courage means you push your whole self into an idea. This includes involving your gut and heart, two things so many people walk around suppressing. I love Steve Harvey’s quote on this topic:

“Most people think their imagination is hocus pocus. It’s really not, it’s a preview of a coming attraction. If you react to your imagination, that’s where real life is”.

So ask yourself, in what ways can you look to your imagination as a guide for what to do next? When you stop and think of all the crazy ideas you would love to try, which one will you give a shot now? 

Many people allow their dreams and ideas to die along with them because they couldn’t find the courage to concentrate on them. We can all bring our ideas to the world. Every single one of us can do it if we just listen to our heart and gut.

Courage is one of the three most important things we can teach people today. Students, our children, our employees, and especially ourselves deserve to be supported in learning how to be courageous.

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