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Dreaming big can be overwhelming because it is abstract. 
We daydream, we dream at night, and we dream when we envision goals. 

In this instance, when we say “dream big” we are referring to your ambitions. 

Even though our ambitions should excite us, they so often lead to more confusion and overwhelm. That is because in order to get there you have to go towards scary experiences.

When we move toward scary experiences, the dream blockers can enter. Things such as fear, doubt, perfectionism, regret, stress, and peer influence. 

These happen because we look at the huge mountain and don’t know where to start. They also exist because of becoming addicted to the short-term rewards of safety and comfort.


In order to dream big, pursue your ambitions, and not be overwhelmed, it helps to keep three things in mind.

1.You don’t have to work very hard to find your passions, because they will find you. You do have to try things though. So, it starts with thinking of things to try and trying them.

2. The act of pursuing your dreams is about feeling vitality throughout the process. That’s the top-secret tip that will help so many of you. While we set goals to give us a north star to aim for, accomplishing them is not what matters. 

3. The classic line that every journey begins with a single step is perhaps the most valuable insight into the concept of pursuing dreams, as long as you use it. The trick becomes figuring out, what is the next step?

Ok, here is a bonus one. It seems trite as far as wise sayings go, but it honestly is the most important one. You are going to die relatively soon. That’s just a fact. Even if you live as long as possible, it will still arrive soon enough.

Therefore, you might as well enjoy pursuing your passions and spending time in a state of flow. Where you can drown out any of the haters and background noise because you are so in love with what you are doing.

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