THE Frequency

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Energy Flows
JKLTip Find what music, videos, or quotes change how you feel and use those to guide you towards a higher frequency

We are always operating with energy, incoming, and outgoing. When we are feeling bad, we have energy that restricts opportunity, preventing us from being our best. When we are feeling good, we have energy that breeds opportunity, pushing us to be our best. We tend to land somewhere between these frequencies in operating our daily lives and the key to achieving all that we desire is operating at THE frequency: the optimal state to achieve our dreams and goals.

What does THE frequency look like? In low frequency times, we feel like everything is against us; we’re getting our taxes reviewed, everything in the house is falling apart, our family members are always annoying us, we just can’t get it figured out. In high frequency times we feel everything is working as it should; we enjoy taking on challenges, we constantly surround ourselves with people that increase our creativity, that push us to improve, we don’t judge results, rather we enjoy the pursuit and process. As an example, if we want to collaborate with someone, we reach out, but we don’t wait to do work, we work with someone else, or on our own in the meantime. Our momentum makes it too hard for us to see the losses. The longer we stay in this frequency, the more opportunities will come our way to the point that we’ll have to turn some down.

At THE frequency we are always working on the next thing, not giving up, but pivoting and creating, without torturous, negative psychology. We don’t waste time over thinking, we don’t get into a never ending cycle of wins, losses, ups and downs, we simply continue to evolve. Without anger, disappointment, soul crushing self talk, you just keep learning, you just keep moving, we are never just waiting around. Where we get this wrong is in thinking that this mindset takes years to develop. It’s true that over time, like anything we can get better at it. But even in moments, we can reach this frequency whenever we want, through the practice of finding out what brings us alive, perhaps it’s a poem, a book, or a video, it may be fitness, or sports, music, or surrounding ourselves with positive people. It may be all of those things, but we each need to figure it out for ourselves and have a toolkit we go to when we need to reach a higher frequency.

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