Star Peg-Round Hole

Cartoon, Star, Dream Big, Square Peg, Round hole, Normal, status quo, conformity
There’s no way I’ll fit
JKLTip Take a quick inventory of how you spend your 24 hrs, how many things are you doing because someone else wants you to?

So the saying goes, trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, or a square peg in a round hole, maybe even a star peg in a round hole. Often referred to as a misfit, when it comes to a person trying to make the world a better place I feel we should see it as someone willing to rebel. Respectfully rebel against the status quo, people who do what they feel is right with conviction, for the sake that it is right and to move the needle forward one action at a time. Being different for the sake of being different doesn’t make a lot of sense. What does make a lot of sense is being different because it’s the only way we can take big steps forward. And we need to take big steps forward in community, collaboration, and vulnerability

Conformity seems to be making a big comeback. It’s always existed, but in a very us vs them, party, group think oriented political and societal climate there is a lot of “what colours do you wear?” type thinking going on. We need people across every industry to push the boundaries of what they see as most valuable to our stakeholders. So who are the stake holders? In short, I feel it’s all of us. We all deserve big steps toward mental health, following our dreams and accomplishing our goals in life. Specifically I think it’s important we show our youth that it’s ok to be vulnerable, vital to be brave and most important to do what brings you (and only you know) intrinsic value in life

The Apple ‘Think Different’ campaign has seen it’s fair share of revisionist history, but what it stands for is what we need now more than ever. We need to remember that those who push against norms, who show it’s cool “to create” are the ones we need to give the resources to. Sadly, like in the Apple quote, what do we call these people ? We call them crazy. But maybe that’s the real idea, maybe, just maybe we all need to be a little more crazy. A little more willing to be the star shaped peg trying to fit into a round whole.

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