Be Both

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Best of….
JKLTip Ask yourself what values you live by that might be at risk of being challenged in your hypocrisy

I’m American and Canadian, I like it that way. It kind of reminds me of my philosophy of life too. The word hypocrisy comes to mind, but this isn’t really about going against moral beliefs, it is about pulling the best ways to act out of opposing themes. In such a polarized, absolute society, we view terms and over-arching concepts such as religion, gender, heritage; as good, or bad. It’s far more valuable to lose the titles and recognize, ideally we are a mosaic of bothness (new word).

When we think of hypocrisy, we often think of negative, mistrust, and destroying relationships. This is true no doubt when we claim to have moral standards or beliefs to which our own behavior and actions do not conform. If we simply remove the moral standards part, but leave “beliefs” there is a far greater range of possible behavior. I am both American and Canadian. My upbringing, heritage, tradition and yes beliefs come from both backgrounds. I very much like it this way, because it allows me to take integrate aspects of what it means to be both.

We are all hypocrites, but it’s not always bad. We can create this integration in many facets of our lives; nutrition, sports, philosophy, tradition, relationships, the list goes to infinity. Every experience we have we can learn to take the good from, hedging our bets. There is a complexity to the calculation of what we consider right, or wrong anyways. Depending on context and details there are contingent ways to best approach situations. Such as the question, “does this bathing suit make me look fat?” What we need as a society, is to make an honest effort to use the best of both when we feel it helps us help others.

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