Keep Glowin’ Up

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Just Keep Glowin
JKLTip Pick your big unrealistic goals, put habits and systems in place and start working towards accomplishing your “impossible”

Dear Grads, when you’re young is the time to take chances. Go after the high risk, potentially high reward opportunities that you dream about. It’s not easy, but trying your best, without regret will be worth it. I don’t mean high risky behaviours, by now you’ve probably had enough of those and maybe sowed your oats away. I mean high risk in that there’s no steady pay cheque, no specific path, no program, or set in stone result. It is time to really go for it and there is no excuse if you have support and know how

This is why graduations are so bittersweet to me. We use sayings, as you walk across the stage perhaps there’s a banner written, “dream big”, it’s probably in a speech from the valedictorian and for sure there’s a song played about it as you throw your caps in the air. But do we do it? Do we chase our dreams and passions, or do we settle into the simple, straight forward plan? I’ve been to enough graduations to know that it’s not because you don’t want to, but because you don’t know how to chase the dreams that you give up so soon

For me, it’s no longer enough to say the catch phrase dream big, I need to share more about the process, to model it for you, to be the example and provide any support that you need to learn how to follow those big dreams, because I know you have them. Maybe you want to be the next pop sensation, start a digital media company, grow as a painter, run a blog, or open a restaurant. No matter what it is, or all of the above it is about treating graduation as a step, a big step, but a step nonetheless

Any graduation, from anything is an opportunity to declutter mentally, to get rid of the things weighing us down, to become fine tuned with your values and set goals. But the goals themselves mean very little, what matters is the systems and habits we develop to give ourselves the best chance of accomplishing them. Knowing what we accomplish with our true potential is knowing that we gave the most efficient effort possible and the results, well they don’t matter at all.

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