(Real) Verified (Friends)

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Verified Friends
JKLTip Think of the people in your tribe, focus on the real relationships and don’t hesitate to expand with quality over quantity in mind

When we build tribes, it is fine to scale them up, even to millions of followers, but it’s more important that we scale them up in terms of connection. Our team should grow and grow by adding value and connection in relationships each step along the way
Since starting this journey, I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people. I wanted to say thank you to one of them who shared the image for today’s writing. With social media we can connect, in a real, authentic way. Without asking for anything in return, without a suggestion that she do anything, she was simply thoughtful, created, and shared it. So Thank you (real) friend…

On social media platforms we see little blue check mark that symbolizes being verified on the platform. So what does that mean? According to Instagram:

“ It confirms that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents “

There is a need for this for companies and celebrities in a world of fraudulent behavior and in the sense that brands can be ruined in a blink of a tweet, but there is an important distinction between the blue check mark and verifying people in our tribe as friends. If we build our tribe person by person, there is less of a need for that blue check mark. In reality a tribe big, or small is worthy of verification, but there’s an interesting period right now in the world of social where it takes brand value to be recognized.
Our tribe can be so tiny, unverified and yet have as big, or better of an impact on each of our actual lives. The network effect of supporting each other can exist regardless of scale. A cliche from many of the social media haters is to say something like, “ so and so has 700 “friends ” on Facebook, hah, they aren’t real friends though”. With increases in technology, each day we get closer to authentic, actual friendships on these platforms, which will only increase, but a quick thought on the state of social now: In the past 24 hours I’ve had the pleasure to speak with a photographer from Toronto, a writer and Storyteller from Seattle and an artist from Italy. Surely the naysayers will say these aren’t real relationships, but I beg to differ in that if transportation weren’t an issue we would be creating together already. We can easily support each other, and show more empathy, sadly, then people do in their very own neighborhoods amongst, amongst a group of childhood friends, or even in their own damn households. So are we “real friends” with our kids, classmates and next door neighbours?

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