Our Crystal Ball

Justin Nolan, holding, crystal ball, colors, art, perspective
JKLTip When you have difficult times, remember there are different ways to see it, take a look in that crystal ball

Always remember, we have a crystal ball, through which we can have “hindsight now”. I know it sounds a little bit “out there” but if we stop and think about how it works, it makes sense. At least it’s another tool for people to put in the ol’ mental health tackle box. Let’s look at a personal example that I didn’t realize was “hindsight now” until I sat down to write this. Growing up my Dad would say to me, “you won’t be thinking about this on your wedding day”. Whenever something was difficult, it was a matter of appreciating that there is a finality, an impernance to everything. That when the joyous times come, it will be the farthest thing from our mind. Granted the grief process, and mindfulness remind us to be present, there were many times this proved very helpful for appreciating delayed gratification

When we think of “now sight” or mindfulness, the “power of now”, the “be here now” yogis come to mind, the focus on the breathe, the taking in of the sensations we feel and becoming fully present. There is very much a place for this too, in fact probably most of the time this is best. Especially when someone is in acute crisis, going through a particularly difficult moment, it’s important we give them the shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen and that’s it, nothing more

When we think of hindsight, we think of learning from things that happened. It’s pretty common for teachers, coaches, or parents to ask, “what did you learn from that?” This is an extremely important skill for us to teach kids, ourselves, friends, and employees; that every occurence, good or bad can provide a learning experience, something to help us improve. But Why? Well presumably to make life a little bit more seamless, I hesitate to say “easier” but I guess that would be the ideal

We need not wait for things to happen so we can analyze them in all instances. No doubt designing a product, taking feedback from clients, or trying to improve a process we have to look back. But for all other instances, for those ready to take steps towards a more philosophical, spiritual approach to life, can use the crystal ball of hindsight now. Maintaining an appreciation that we know our goals, we have a vision for the future, and while it’s possible some unforeseen circumstance changes our path, we can see through that crystal ball to those better days

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