Leading or Managing, or Both?

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Leaders and Managers
JKLTip In what ways do you manage, and in what ways do you lead, how could you improve each just a little bit?

Leading and managing are not synonymous. They are very different things. They could go together like “lamb and tuna fish, or spaghetti and meatball” but they are separate. We can do one, the other, or both at any given moment, but it’s important to know the difference

Leadership is a willingness to roll the dice in support of your team, taking a chance on creative ideas. Leadership needs no formal title, or any one discipline. If an employee has an idea for a docu-series to grow the social media of the company and you don’t particularly think it will work, but respond, “let me know how I can help.” Then you are leading.

Management is not inferior to leadership, in fact we could argue it’s more important. It’s the more likely of the two to hold the “formal” title, think manager of ___blank and a direct discipline. Those at the head of an organization growing in numbers, or geography can no longer manage employees effectively and have to trust others to be the eyes and ears. Today social media, if used properly can be leveraged by such management teams, which is why large businesses can exist entirely online, but as the number of people who need to be given messages grow, so too does the amount of management needed

Innovation, creativity and new ideas happen with supportive leadership. Leaders can support tremendous ideas and I truly feel in today’s school and business world we will only see companies with superb leadership culture as the ones that win. The most efficient process and network of management is what will keep the machine oiled and running smoothly.

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