Complex Equations

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Everyone’s Balance is Different
JKLTip Take inventory of how many things you need to have going on, do you need to be doing more, or less?

The complexity of an equation doesn’t tell us anything about how balanced it is. In life the ultimate pursuit if not necessarily for happiness, or to eradicate sadness. It’s not about making everything easy and having nothing challenge us. Vitality is all about achieving balance

Nothing guarantees that a simple equation will be more balance than a complex one. As an equation increases in complexity it may take more knowledge, increased sophistication, or more support to solve it, but it can become more balanced than one that’s far more simple. The equation of life is no different in that we must find the balance that keeps us, as an individual living with the most vitality possible. This is the ultimate pursuit, and it’s complexity is very different from person to person

We must search for what brings us the best balance between family, friends, business, side hustle, hobbies, sports, and rest. So the question we must ask is, how do we search deep inside the tunnels of our hearts to determine how much, or how little juggling we should each be doing? We can’t say that one person should be doing more, or that one person should be doing less, because, the answer for everyone is different. When I fail to engage in business goals, fail to get some creativity time in, or when I’m not staying in physical condition, when I don’t see my friends and family enough, things start to get out of balance. When we do too much of one thing, we start to become far too uni-dimensional and the crazy thing is, our performance in that area will begin to suffer if it doesn’t fit our equation

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