So Many Ideas, So Much Time

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So Much Time
JKLTip Write down the top 20 things you would like to do, prioritize them in order of how bad you want to do them, and focus your time ONLY on the top 5

The saying typically goes so much to do, so little time. We really do have a lot of time, given perspective. We have time to do what matters most at least. We have time to do the things that we love, if we cut out the things we don’t. We need look no farther than anyone who has created some amazing things to know that plenty of time exists. Look for anyone who has written a series of books, bootstrapped a business, being a world class triathlete and we will see that they too are human. Maybe not all, but many will have had similar circumstances, “too many things to do” , until they figured it out, but what did they figure out exactly?

As a motivational statement, it’s often said that “everyone has the same 24 hrs” but even that is a limit. We have way more than 24 hrs, the daily clock is something we constructed. Now, I’m not proposing turn your waking hours into no sleep, although sometimes if it feels healthy and the fire is burning that hot, just roll with it. If we prioritize and eliminate things that don’t lead to our goals, then we have tons of time for what really matters, this time spans far greater than one daily clock, spans beyond one year, in reality it’s infinite. It’s not about putting all of our ideas on a to do list and checking them off, for the dreamers we will die long before we accomplish all we would like to. That’s just a fact. While this seems grim on the surface, it’s actually very freeing, very disarming because it takes the pressure off, it simplifies. What are the things we WANT to do, grab one work on it and repeat. That’s it

It’s more about figuring out what we want to do, what is most important to us? What really lights that flame inside that it’s near impossible to put out. The challenge, especially for the dreamers is to figure out when it is a good time to let the idea fairy take over, brainstorming all of the beautiful thoughts and changes we would like to make in this world. Allowing the time to go real deep in ideas and maybe’s is important and without it creative people would suffocate. When it’s not the right time to dream, to think of a million ideas, we need a plan, and strategies for the how, mechanisms in place to make sure we can continue to sustainably fuel the fire

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