Escape the Resistance

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Get Away Quick…
JKLTip Surrender the results of day to day experiences so you don’t feel the anxiety of the resistance

When we feel the resistance, we need to hit the fire escape, hit the exit, get as far away as possible. What is the resistance? The resistance is what we fill when we don’t just let day to day occurrences be. It comes in the little events of our days that are considered negative, the downers. When we ask how was your day? These are the things that would make us more likely to respond with “terrible” and then start a rant about the occurrences because we are letting the resistance get to us
We all know the feeling, when things like getting a flat tire, breaking a glass in the kitchen, showing up to work, or a sport and a key team mate is missing. The built up angst, frustration and ego boil quickly to the surface and we start to lose it. Sometimes we express it outwardly and show the impact the resistance has by stomping off, crying, yelling. Other times, or depending on the type of people we are we stuff it way down, stare into the abyss, and say a few angry things in our head. There is nothing at this point we could do to change it, yet it has a real negative grip on us
This happens when we keep score, hoping for more uppers, more positive occurrences because we feel that we have some responsibility to control what happens. We judge events; upper, downer, upper, upper, big downer, creating a perception of winning and losing. A goal toward lifelong vitality is to simply surrender the things that happen as nothing more than things that happen. Phones break, people cut us off and stocks have down days. It’s important to learn and pivot more in the macro, because that’s where we have the greatest chance to prevent this from happening in the future. For example if we keep getting terrible service at a particular car dealership, causing the resistance to boil every time we book an appointment, while day to day there is nothing we can do, thus we must let it go, we can plan to find a new dealer the next time we have an opportunity.

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