Choose Your Character

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Player 1
JKLTip Remember, if we choose to, we can or change who we are and that’s the fun of playing this game of life

When we fire up a video game for the first time it tells us to choose a character or design an Avatar, pick an icon. Either we try to make something that looks like us or we  select an icon we feel describes us. In some cases, we may go completely off the board and choose something like our opposite. Maybe we’re trying to be funny or throw people off, but embedded in that decision is character revealing in itself
Well life is like one big video game where we have moments to choose our characters. When we are babies, it is very difficult to have character information to base an avatar on, but as each day passes, this becomes more and more possible. We develop our pain points, our personality traits, our transferable skills. The innocence of childhood is beautiful in that we don’t have these things, allowing for an incredible sense of wonder
It’s important to remember that our avatars are never fully formed. They start when are born and they continue to evolve, adapt and change day by day, until we die. The great lesson in this is that we can always add to our Avatar, we can mold our character. We may take something off, or put something on, perhaps change a color, or modify some skills. Either way we should ask ourselves what character do we want to be?

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