Omen Or Coincidence?

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Is it an Omen, or Coincidence?
#JKLTip Use the rule of three; if you are reminded in three different ways of an action three times, then just do it

While searching for our place in this universe, there are these little omens, signs that we end up following, or missing. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small, but there are signs everywhere. How do we know if these are circumstances, simply coincidences, or omens? That’s a challenging question, open for interpretation, but if we’re honest with ourselves, open to whatever comes our way in life, then we’ll know when something is sending us a clear message. If we feel strongly that we should take action amidst a constant pressure to do so, continuously reminded of it, we’ll know when it goes beyond coincidence, or circumstance
When we pay attention for such omens and learn to follow them with grace and humility, then the universe just gets out of our way. Like water it will begin to flow around us. There are two things we need to have in place first. One, in order to be aware enough to see these omens we must be free from distraction and have perspective. Second, we have to appreciate that following the omens is the actionable thing and we have to relinquish control over the results
As a person, we are such a minuscule part of the universe that will ebb and flow, regardless of who we are, what we did, what we do, or what happens to us. If we appreciate that the world exists, like a river flowing, with, or without us, we free ourselves up to follow the signs worry free, take action, reflect, and repeat.

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