Being The Tallest Tree

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What Factors Help Us Grow?
JKLTip Think of the factors that play a role in your progress, in your ability to be the best you and identify ways that you can improve those factors in your current situation

The tallest tree stands out, it is unique, so to speak it stands alone. It has become the only one. Creatives, artists, and leaders in our niche, in our interests, should aim to become the tallest tree. We should aim to be ok with being the only one, because our beliefs, our motivation, and our intentions can not possibly be fully understood, or appreciated by anyone else. We can rest easy in the micro of an evening, or the macro of life knowing that we did our best to improve the odds of reaching our greatest heights.
Remarkably, the tallest tree doesn’t become the tallest by going it alone, rather quite the opposite. It was only capable of becoming the biggest, strongest, most unique as a result of resilience, and all of the support it received in the form of genetics, luck, positioning, nutrients, and sunlight. In leadership, learning, and business we are products of so many factors as well.
We may want to strive to become the biggest, strongest and most invaluable, but we will only achieve such heights as a result of resilience, and all of the support we receive in the form of genetics, luck, relationships, health, wellness and habits. In other words, there is much we can not control that plays a role, but what’s really neat to think about is that there are many factors well within our control. The key is to build habits that will help us improve such factors, with consistency over time.

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