Golf Poker and Patience

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How about a hole-in-five?
JKLTip Reflect on the idea that long term patience is key. In what relationships, projects, or goals are you too focused on the short term?

It’s probably more likely that golf and poker are played on weekends, it’s the weekend now, so perhaps this is fitting. When you think of post game interviews with player’s after golf, or poker, one thing is consistent. The best players are patient and disciplined. Perhaps closely tied is confidence, because they know that they are the better players and trust that if they remain patient and disciplined, even though they may be down, perhaps nearly out, in such long tail games eventually, over time, their skills will rise above. They are so confident that while “losing” in the moment, they know the others will drop off
With each hand, with each stroke, the odds of the less prepared making mistakes increases and in all likelihood the more prepared player’s probabilities will increase. As humans we are so primed for short term assessment, that long term mindset can be very rare to accomplish. We allow our emotions to make reactions in our mind that create the up and down, a yo-yo effect of highs and lows. Getting caught up in the moment, we begin to stray from our inverted U of motivation and we become disengaged, or anxious
The ability to stay even keel and trust in the process seems to be a rare skill. I wonder in a way, if this is why poker greats, or golf legends manage to create a winner take all sort of ability, perhaps because this skill is so rare. It can very much be applied to teaching, learning, investing, business, or parenting in that we need to calm ourselves through short term fluctuations. Trust in the process that we are doing all we can, giving us the best chance at a favourable result, and why would we want anything other than the best chance?

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