Get In The Line

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What Are You Waiting For?
JKLTip Try and add a few more opportunities to show up somewhere. If you would like to become an artist make a habit to hit a museum monthly, want to improve your fitness, walk through the doors of your gym at least twice per week, want to practice networking, go to a local meetup, or collab space and hang out

It’s a cliche that showing up is the only step you really need, and everything else will take care of itself. But often times that’s a difficult step, so we have to find ways to simply show up. I remember when I was a personal trainer, working with clients who were nervous around the gym, at times they would get their car to the parking lot, perhaps even turn the key to off, but never set foot in the gym. This was not overly common, but it by no means was a one off, I saw it over the years in the fitness industry and I see it time and again supporting youth who struggle with life.
There are two important reasons however to make sure you just show up, set foot in the door and see what happens from there. One is that over time your anxiety has no place to go but lower, this is the potential benefit of exposure type therapy. No doubt it isn’t a perfect science, because it can still be far too overwhelming to get to that point, but if we can good things will happen, eventually. Secondly, you never know what opportunities might come up.
I was waiting in the line at a coffee shop recently and somehow was asked what I do for work. Shortly after answering the question to the nice gentleman asking, I was approached by a woman who was hoping to hire youth, in particular women who could use a full time job in the trades. This opportunity may well turn out to create many opportunities for my students in the future. It may create financial stability for their families, which in turn will support their health, their children and overall well being. Simply put we don’t know what opportunities might come out of it, but we do know that had I not gotten in that line, at that moment the answer would be nothing. So every chance you get, show up, get in the line, ya just never know what might happen.

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