Helicopter Views

JKLTip Schedule the time to take your helicopter trip and observe how things are going and stick to that schedule of reflection and self awareness.

It’s important we get laser focused on goals, put the blinders on and get after it. In order to accomplish things that are challenging in a world with so many distractions you have to put your head down, just climb each step, especially in creative, or problem solving fields. The creative cycle is roughly 6 hours, so essentially a work day of straight photography, painting, designing, or writing is necessary to hit your stride.
On the flip side, it is important that we take time to look at what we are doing from above, to step back and observe how things are going and let sink in how far we’ve come, as well as identify where we want to go. This has to be a conscious, time devoted task, independent of the intense, focused work you are putting in. It is amazing how we can lose track of time (minutes become days – days become years very quickly) when we are creating, solving
Like having an out of body experience, you need to envision you are taking a ride up in a helicopter where you can look down on your current world and ask a few questions? How am I feeling? How am I treating those around me? Am I heading down the right path, or do I need to pivot? Do I think if I keep trending in this direction vitality will increase, or decrease? Is there anything more, or anything less I should be doing that I haven’t noticed? What should my immediate and long term next steps be? If we do this, with whatever schedule works for us, but MINIMUM once/ month and MAXIMUM twice per day, then our actions will remain aligned with our intentions and values.

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