Peanut Butter Jelly Jail Time

JKLTip what excuses are holding you back? How can you find better resources?
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Resourcefulness in Jail

Working in a detention centre, trying to do art and math together sometimes you have to use what’s around. Remember, resources always exist!
There are cons about the age of technology, information and sharing, but I have become of the opinion that there are way more positives than negatives! In my line of work (Intrinsically best “job” in my world hands down) I get to work in many interesting locations with unique treatment partners. I have long thought that a documentary of our school would easily rocket to the top of @Netflix most recommended
Every unit brings challenges based on youth needs, as well as rules and circumstance. Picture the challenge to learning in teen centres for addiction rehab, pregnancy, parenting, foster care, jails, hospitals and mental health facilities.
What I have the pleasure to witness and support is solving barriers to learning in these circumstances
It’s an unbelievable, daily dose of perspective that reminds us the resources, the tools, the connections all exist. Near nobody can make excuses anymore. For every excuse, we can show you others in “”the same boat”” who have crushed it.

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