Humble And Helping

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Be Humble and Helping
JKLTip Holding doors is good, but try supporting some bigger projects for people and have them proud to take the credit in their accomplishments. It’s a special feeling!

True humility is supporting others to the extent that it reshapes the world they live in. That may sound extreme, but think of how little a gesture, big or small we have to make to impact someone’s experience
What’s amazing is that we call this selfless, or generous and yet it actually helps us at the same time. If we’re always giving, then it is tough to feel sorry for ourselves, or worry about our struggle. It’s an interesting human phenomena, when our why is focused on helping, we in turn become more successful
It’s amazing how “counterintuitive” shows up in this writing so often, and here is no different. The key is to raise the arc of success for others, to create and accomplish while others take the credit. If we’re doing it right, they will take all of the credit, because they’ll actually believe it was all them. That’s a good thing, let them and others celebrate “their” successes
When you we’re able to shift our mindset this way it increases our mental health 10 times over and paves the way for us to accomplish the long tail, omnipresent type of success we strive for. Besides, by the time they’re celebrating we’re already moving on to help more people, create more projects

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