What’s The Next Hurdle?

JKLTip Ask what hurdle you need to get over next and pitter patter

I read the book 100$ Start Up when it came out. I read the book Side Hustle when it came out. In both cases I was inspired, excited and got to work on ideas that (may also supplement income) for me would add more value to this world and tap into my entrepreneurial spirit.

In both cases I never started.

In part I think it’s because I didn’t know my why – I have that now, but ultimately I didn’t understand how (without it negatively impacting my mental health). I’m getting that now, and its so much more simple than we think. “It’s all about getting to that next hurdle” That’s it, just like a hurdle sprint get over one, then as soon as possible the next, the difference is you, or a mentor, a team mate have to decide what that next hurdle is. As soon as you do decide, just get over it and on to the next. Repeat this indefinitely and you will succeed, pivot, or learn. My most recent hurdle was how do I organize social media platforms to share content, without it taking too much time away from the people and work that I care about?
My next hurdle is what to do for “live” opportunities to connect with people, and so my goal right has to be get there, not worry about quality, or particulars, just get LIVE

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