Getting Rich Is Ok

JKLTip If you want to be rich, financially, that’s ok, go for it! But keep it simple to start, by going back to the basics of financial literacy

Getting Rich is Ok, Especially if you use it for good. Can you see “success” by your street? I used to have the governor on my go cart to greatness in the ‘money’ category because I always had this small sense that wealth was negative. I’m not sure where it came from, but people driving expensive cars, living in mansions, or throwing away fancy items made me think rich = negative
No doubt there are rich, flaunting A-holes, but that’s no different than poor, complaining, A-holes, so money has no bearing there. I believe now, it is ok to be rich, and I owe credit for this to Warren Buffett. It’s a wonder how someone alive and working can already have such a mythology, and legend to him
For me, he makes being rich seem pretty cool, and while I don’t know that I’ll ever be “rich”, I mean I don’t sell anything, or own companies, I am ok with it now, open to the idea, open to possibilities, something I couldn’t say before
It is possible to be rich and maintain focus on instilling values in friends and family, living frugally and placing a major emphasis on the legacy of how many others did I help? If I had 85 Million$$ like Warren, I wouldn’t link that to “success”. The cool thing about success is we own our own definitions of it. My definition of success exists beyond circumstances, it is:
. “living a life that focuses on learning and supporting positive mental health for me and anyone in my tribe” 
How’s that for concise?

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