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The Eyes
JKLTip Find ways to ground yourself, such as deep breathing, stillness, walking barefoot, doing your hobby, taking a bath, or hot tub and whatever else might work for you. The more grounded we become the easier it is to appreciate the beauty in confusion and chaos of life

Life is best lived best in the grey area. That huge space between one or the other, between right or wrong, between two extremes. More than ever, the answer has to be “it depends.” We often search for black or white rules, literally the opposite of Gray. Situations, just like the humans involved are complex and evolving. To manage employees, help someone learn, or grieve, there is no right, or wrong. So many factors play a role
It’s important we identify topics where it is common sense that approaching the problem with a sense of wonder, of discovery, treating it like a creative art is far more valuable
Here’s the struggle: As soon as we begin to appreciate that the majority of questions are best approached in the grey, we may view things as “more difficult” or “requiring more energy”. Truthfully, you do have to immerse yourself in the context and use the ol’ “case by case” playbook. 
If we haven’t prepared our hearts and minds for this approach then we will struggle to keep anxiety and fear low. This may be true, but no one said life is to be like a recipe book, that’s what the robots can do. So, let’s support each other to gather in the grey

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