TRUST Before Team

JKLTip Think of teams or individuals you operate with (hobby, work, sport, family) and do some trust building together

This gets a bit boring for me, in a weird way. I mean being a good team player and building trust never gets boring, but talking, or writing about it can, only because I focused so much of my academic years on leadership, trust, and group dynamics. I love it all, but in the interest of branching out I like to look into other ideas, like video creation, spirituality, and art; things outside my comfort zone. That said, I couldn’t help but think of teamwork and how it’s complexity is masked by simplicity, when it is on full display, like in the Super Bowl last night. I took a leadership course in 2005 and being the sports guy, when asked for an example of teamwork I referenced the then 2 time champion New England Patriots
Now, I wasn’t going out on a limb at that point but we had no idea how much they would continue. I mean it’s been 14 years. HA. At the time, which has withstood the test, is the idea of trust building and healthy conflict, as the foundation of everything they do Great teams have a relentless, almost mythical (but very achievable and learnable) level of trust at the foundation of everything they do. Symptoms of this are a ‘we, not me’ attitude, with a lot of self sacrifice and that onlookers don’t know who’s responsible for achievement This is why in 2019 I have made a commitment to building teams on social media that are genuine, that are built to support one another, to build trust, to have healthy conflict and achieve our dreams

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