PSA: Still Mad At Goals!

TV that says goal on screen smashed
Smashing TV Goals
JKL Tip Set a goal that would fall into the fulfillment category, as opposed to achievement category and add one habit that can help improve that goal

Goals if not handled appropriately, especially with youth or someone struggling create constant, low grade anxiety…
PSA: Still So Mad At Goals!
I often speak in question form, sparking debate and wonder, but when I’m confident it’s a bit more direct. Well here I’m confident. It’s at the point I can consider it a Public Service Announcement: “SMART goal setting”. It’s not bad to use this a framework, the issue is not so much with the way in which we pursue goals by defining them, but how we put pressure in the wrong areas when we use a tool
Specific (not bad, but usually need to connect dots backwards)
Measurable (can be helpful – if there’s a unit of measure)
Attainable (beyond ridiculous un-common sense, everything is attainable)
Realistic (not sure what’s unrealistic, but aiming as high as possible and learning from the process is invaluable) 
Timed (This is a big problem in terms of added pressure)
??Goal setting in and of itself is the larger issue, because it puts our minds on “achievement-focus” and often in things that don’t matter! Especially with youth, or anyone who has a tendency to feel anxious [which is like most people today] when we plan for the future, we create a low grade, never ending state of anxiety and work completely against the ability to get into the present while we do what we love. When we measure against a “specific, attainable, timed” thing we can’t be grateful, grounded and enjoying the process as much as we should be
Focusing on actual achievement is a recipe for mental health disaster! ?? Sample goals: “I want to be more grateful and regardless of how much we achieve, enjoy the process of being kind to people around here”
“I want to become the first female to lead the NHL in scoring”
Will it happen, are those measurable, how long will they take?
Who cares, pursuit of that would be amazing and life’s too short to sweat the details (“SMART” or not)..

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