Beginnings Are Only Found In Ends

Forest, with a pink sky, highlighted clouds and caption that says beginnings only start in ends
Beginning and end of the forest
JKLTip Think of something you want to start, decide the commitment it would take and then match that with something else you can end. Or think of something that is ending and decide how you will replace it with a new beginning

Most plans don’t work out; we face loss; failure; and struggle. With practice, we can often control our reaction at least. “When one door closes, another opens”
Fact is, there are infinite possibilities of things we can do and people we can meet, so why is it so hard to keep it moving? What I do know, is it’s not simple…
…. But, I have a hunch: For one, we have such strong attachment to the familiar, that we fear the possibilities of the unknown. But more preventative, is the subconscious defining of ourselves (or others) in absolute terms. We define using “one way, or the other” thinking, when far more often than we think, people can be both
There are two important things to remember about moving on:
– Big, or small, there are no timelines or rules. In fact, I think it’s one of the most individualized aspects of character
– To start something new, something has to end, so be open to the possibilities that can be found by identifying things that could end

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