You Create For You

JKLTip Think of a quick creation, something you’ve wanted to make, just do it, big or small, and ideally share it with us to test the ability to create not worried about who it is for

Who Do We Create For?
People will inevitably hate what you do, or put another way, no matter what you do, it won’t be for some people. No matter how successful a movie star, a musician, or a politician is, they will be disliked by others. That will never change, nor should it, because without that contrast in opinion, it just wouldn’t be art
Now, if you keep a sketch pad by your bed, poetry book on a side table, or take family video up at the cottage and keep those things to yourself, never sharing your art, that is ok too, and way better than not creating. But, for those who would like to create and share, who struggle with doing so, it is because we’re worried about what other people might think. So, when we create, the best saying to take solace in, is ” you do create for you, but you also create for the smallest amount of people who appreciate it, as well as those not in your tribe who may just think twice about joining because they’re starting to like it “
You never know who it will be for other than you, who it will “speak to”, so just come up with an idea and go with the flow while you make it. Your poem, sketch, map, candle, poster, t-shirt, or movie will speak to someone. It doesn’t matter what it is, how you made it, or who you had in mind, the process of making it for you (and anyone else who appreciates it) is all that matters

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