We Are All Staring At The Same Sky

JKL Tip: Think of “V,T,S” What is one way you can support a ‘different’ person with improving their pursuit of vitality, security, or love

It’s always been fascinating to me that we, as human beings, or animals for that matter, all stare at the same sky. The moon, the sun and the stars are the same, for all of us
Think about it, we all stare at the same sky; a young mother struggling to keep her baby warm in a war torn country; a celebrity on Hollywood Blvd; a homeless man on the streets of New York City; a child playing in the park; Will Smith; surfers in Australia; me; you; anyone; everyone; when we take moments to look up, it’s at the same sky; same moon; same sun; same stars
We all share unbelievably similar thoughts, beliefs and struggles. We all have a need for vitality, security and love. The key to living a life without regret, is if we remember this when we think of ‘different’ people, and if we strive to help each other attain these needs

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