It Isn’t Just Me

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Everyone Has Something To Teach
#jkltip Think of one thing you would like to learn and one thing you could teach. Ideally let’s connect, let me know and we can share this with the world. You’ll be surprised how many people will benefit

I’ve been keeping up writing, and sharing on social for 50 days now, damn time flies. But in the 50 days I have well surpassed 50 people who opened up about I wish I had learned this, hope I will be able to do this, or one day I would like to try something. I had a feeling it wasn’t just me, but now I know for sure, in the trenches, seeing how much others would like to do things too. 
We all have an innate desire to live with No Fear, or Have No Regrets, we all want to feel vulnerability deep inside, but there is so much getting in the way. Majority of us want to keep learning, and definitely, for sure, we all have somethings we can teach. We can teach to individuals, we can teach secretly to the world, or we can inform groups, but we all have the ability and I think responsibility, a duty, to teach. 
In my return to the social media “game” as I used to call it, but now I call it “community” I have come to realize that much of what we do is about sharing our own stories, our own ideas and our own photographs. I used to underestimate the importance of this, Me, me, me, seem self serving. But now I understand by growing your audience you increase your platform to serve.

** Not only that, maybe by reaching your “1 millionth and 2” follower you connect with that person who truly needed you the most. **

We don’t just have the technology to share our stories, but I think we have a responsibility to create content and share, if not for others, then for ourselves. It’s like meditating, but with the world, working on one big project called “LIFE” together. In order to not have my journey be all about me, I am going to start sharing the journey with the hashtag #peopleofjklto profile awesome people who I meet along this journey. If you feel confident enough to be one of those people please do reach out. C’mon #justdoit

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