Be The Bigger Person, Always

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Be The Bigger Person
#jkltip Reflect, if you’re a writer then journal, but either way, at the end of the day think about interactions where you were too stubborn to be the bigger person, or celebrate times where you were able to put ego aside and be the bigger person

When reflecting on my last post about lessons from fathers I thought how annoying it can be when life coaches, psychologists, or teachers say, here is a list to do and take a shotgun approach of a ton of different things. So I wanted to try and narrow down the influential ideas to the most important one. 

The frustrating and sad thing though is that this story has played out many times over the years in a similar way. Someone struggling with their mental health, in part a result of social interactions opens up for advice. I think, but don’t say because that’s rude, “it’s easy”. Be the bigger person always, not most of the time, but always. 

Many, many people over the years, have heard this advice and their response is something like, “ok I’ll try that”. Some time in the future I see the same people and they are really struggling with implementing it. 

I don’t have all of the answers for how to actually apply it to your life, but if you find the ability to rise above and be the bigger person always, you will have discovered the secret sauce to vitality, joy and often times happiness. Straight up, be the bigger person, in all encounters, to improve the likelihood of happiness. Now, just to figure out what the bigger person means, and hacks on how to do it. Hmmm….

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