It Sucks Sometimes

#jkltip Find a quote that you want to ” Live By ” and identify the way’s in which you don’t actually follow it, set a plan for how to follow that quote you love just a little more authentically

I’m currently hard at work editing a video, and it’s getting late, I’ll be honest, I’m in my element and it’s awesome, but I’m not going to miss getting “posty” here because I’ve made the commitment. I think it’s important though that I remind people sometimes it sucks. Right now, I am tired and would love to do anything but write… 

What you see of vloggers YouTube or influencers Instagram is end product, I can guarantee you that along the way every single one of them thought, Sometimes it sucks. This is something I didn’t realize before though, if I started projects I would quit if I thought it wasn’t good enough, if it was tiring, or if I thought of something better. We often recite cliches like “It’s not the result, it’s the journey” BUT, ask yourself if you actually follow that mantra? How many people post a picture like that, “focus on the process, results will take care of themselves”. 

Cool, but not gonna happen unless you realize, that process, that journey, 


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